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YourStoryTeller is a global digital channel to share stories of struggles & triumphs of ordinary people. The channel brings adapted & real life stories from the grassroots, highlighting day to day inequality and injustice.Personal stories are a powerful tool to learn about social justice, women empowerment and to seek local & lasting solutions. Unfortunately in vast majority of our developing world, people do not talk about their own stories due to stigma, myths or sheer embarrassment. YourStoryTeller is designed to provide a veil of anonymity through animation, to those who otherwise feel embarrassed to share personal experiences. Local stories inspire people to acknowledge problems & create solutions. Global stories connect different peoples through common challenges. Please subscribe to our channel to watch powerful stories. Download YourStoryTeller App from Google Play store for new stories. Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yourStoryTeller.Zmq
Neighbours Watch - पड़ोसी का उधार
Published at 2023, May 26
Neighbours Watch - पड़ोसी का उधार
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