Pneumonia StoryTeller


Pneumonia is the single largest infectious cause of death in children under five worldwide accounting for 16% of all deaths of children. India accounts for 36% of the total South-East Asia regional burden. In India (2014), pneumonia was responsible for 369,000 deaths (28% of all deaths), making it the single biggest killer for children under 5 yrs. Among children under-five years, pneumonia contributes to nearly a sixth (15%) of all deaths in India, with one child dying from pneumonia every four minutes.


Pneumonia can be prevented, diagnosed and treated through simple and inexpensive methods. Childhood Pneumonia storyteller is one such intervention to address the gap in the knowledge level & bring about positive change in the service seeking behaviour. Series of digital stories are focused on prevention, protection & treatment of childhood pneumonia. Using Digital Stories, MIRA workers through house-to-house and community level dissemination, provide critical information to pregnant women & mothers for better identification and management of childhood pneumonia. Each story has built-in story analytics and; pre & post assessment.

This project is developed by ZMQ Development using its YourStoryTeller platform. The project is part of ZMQ’s childhood pneumonia project, supported by Philips Foundation and Ashoka.