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COVID19 Stories

Dear Friends,


YourStoryTeller is also one of the platforms created by ZMQ as a global digital space to share triumphs & struggles of ordinary people from everywhere and anywhere. The platform brings adapted and real-life stories from the grassroots, highlighting core social issues. This digital platform also aims to showcase stories from different regions of the world.

Seeing the current scenario and emergence of COVID-19 as a new disease, ZMQ is working on a series of digital stories to give the right information to masses, especially communities living in vulnerable circumstances. There has been a lot of information circulating around awareness but there is hardly anything focused on vulnerable and poor communities like slums, wage workers, and rural communities who are under threat to face the biggest impact due to COVID-19. ZMQ is developing a series of Digital Stories on COVID-19 using Behaviour Change Communication to create awareness among communities on COVID, especially marginalized communities.

ZMQ believes in the true spirit of diversity and inclusion therefore YourStoryTeller is accessible to all. You can download the Storyteller on your Android Mobiles & Tabs to play the stories.